Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Friday, 27 March 2009

Our trial show on Resonance FM

Our 'taster' radio show which went out last month went ok....? Did it? Well, they offered us a regular slot starting in May believe it or not so you do the math. Whatever. (
This is what it said on the website about the show -

A Cosy Night In
A radio version of the live Sunday night Leicester Square show; this is a mish mash of comedy, music, poetry, storytelling, magic...and nonsense. Chat will be interspersed with live performances from studio guests, interactive storytelling and fun activities. All hosted by lo-fi folk duo, You & Me (with contributions from their imaginary friend).

We had some lovely but also funny and talented guests in the studio with us. Here's a video recording of the very shambolic beginning of the show. In the studio with us was the stupidly funny lady Roisin Conaty, the idiotically funny and entertaining Brett Goldstein, the ridiculously poetic John 'Jazzman' Clark and the quite frankly mysterious magician Matt Duggan. Also, not forgetting our imaginary friend who piped up occasionally.
Shhh, Naomi x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dannnnniiii Minnooogue

What? A blog?
Stop being so self obsessed. With yourself. Self obsessed with yourself!
The other day I was on (my favourite silly boys) Adam & Joe's show on BBC 6 Music.

James mentioned that we have a radio show on Resonance FM (every Sunday 3pm - from 17 May). Well, I was ahead of the game. I had my own radio show when I was 11 years old! it was only for myself and my family but it was the best radio show in the world! Just very hard to pick up through a tape player.

I sent some of it in to Adam and Joe and they liked it - here's a video recording that someone then did of it on YouTube. I don't even know who made this! Shhh, Naomi x

Monday, 23 March 2009


this clay squirrel started off as a tiger. does this mean that the bone structure of the two animals is identical?


NEWS! we have a proper RADIO SHOW! yes yes, we're going live on RESONANCE FM every sunday at 3PM from 17TH MAY. exciting, mister squirrel, exciting!!

james x

Thursday, 12 March 2009

bloggy blog blog

blog number one.

hello blog. hello people that may read this blog. hello naomi who has not yet blogged. hello people on twitter (for i don't know whether you get this or not. ultimately, you scare me)


yep. that's right, capital letters, we do indeed have a blog.


i'm not sure yet, but i'm also not sure i like your tone. blogging sounds fun and i'm sure we will. maybe we'll write about what we do in the band. or some things from 'a cosy night in' - our variety show we put on. or maybe it'll just be used to pass messages between naomi and me (we need more rooibos).



bye bye blog. i miss you already.

james x